The energetic singer secret 3 sexy round 87-61-91 cm Rihanna


The energetic singer secret 3 sexy round 87-61-91 cm Rihanna

Rihanna Rihanna not only glory in Hollywood thanks to the unique hits, which is also known as “owned hot body beauty , attractive sexual difficulties. She was in the top 3 sexiest women through (for him magazine FHM) elected in 2012 a popular magazine devoted to the wings you antennas in the fog.

Such a body get glamour, had to follow the singer, a diet and severe exercise and moderation. There are 2 famous coach was with his guide and companion is the Ary Nunez and Harley Pasternak.

The energetic singer of secret 3 sexy round 87-61-91 cm Rihanna

A regime strict exercise with high frequency
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Picture of Rihanna by burning a beautiful swim hips

Ary Nunez has instructions for Rihanna for five years. Nunez is a famous coach in the muscles of the trunk, including the cardio vascular system and the training organisation. The own Nunez for the Latin American dances include Rihanna, called connected with movements of martial arts from Africa, Capoeira.  

Ary Nunez said: “ I am focusing on the Centre of the city, and it was repeated several times.” I want students to be able to raise your own body weight. This must correspond to the discipline.

Exercise frequency on the route of the week including Sunday the 2.4 calendar in turn as follows: muscle exercise (market, strain muscular leg on your exercises, jump…), cardio exercises (the hand, each association slide 2 running 15 times), the squat and the buttocks.

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Rihanna stay 2 coach him in the exercise in the form of

On the other hand to help rent trainer Harley Pasternak – author of the diet 5 PF, , the type of the menu the famous plan of great stars of Hollywood with the benefit of losing weight without nutritional value is imbalance. He has trained several other stars such as Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Simpson…

The singer your favorite exercise is running. In addition, had she also these movements helps to provide fat more oxygen to muscle cells so that the cells burn faster bicycle, jump rope… TRAINER commented: “are simple exercises that anyone can exercise at home or anywhere else.”

Pasternak also adds: “when Rihanna so that it is 3 days, plan the week 25 minutes per day on tour. Whether at home, she will try the time, every 30 minutes, 5 days a week introduced to increase. “

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Jointly run on Twitter while he is on vacation in Hawaii

His result ‘ zoom ‘ for the feeding of Rihanna

Rihanna Rihanna revealed that she always take 5 power factor diet – safer food, Harley Pasternak performance, solid and compact body, keep the effectiveness of the weight.” The agenda of this diet lasts for 5 weeks, they will eat 5 small meals every day. Despite reluctance, green vegetables, but all Rihanna try daily to consume this food, because this enables the air fresh and full of energy.

5-factor diet is a diet sure enough 5 nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, and sugar-free drink. But in the process of implementing this plan, Rihanna, that even yourself, that you to eat what you want in a day.

Following A particular menu: breakfast: egg whites, lemon, pineapple juice mixed with warm water, lunch: fish, a few tomatoes, light meals: fast food of less starch, raisins, seeds of cereals, dinner: fish, omelette with mushrooms, green salad.